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Association History

History & Organization Highlights

March 19, 1987
A meeting was held at the conclusion of the 7th Annual Fire Mechanics School Banquet held at the Keizer Fire Station. A discussion was held on forming an organization of fire mechanics for the state of Oregon.

May 9, 1987
The first meeting of the group was held at the Keizer Fire Station. The first order of business was to adopt the name of "Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association" as the official name for the group.

March 17, 1988
The Constitution and By-Laws were adopted by the membership. The first election of officers was held at the general membership meeting.

January 23, 1989
A bank account is opened at U.S. National Bank. This officially separates financial ties with the Mid-Willamette Fire Instructors Association.

May 20, 1989
The Internal Revenue Service assigns Employer Identification Number 93-1000037 to the Association. This is the first step in filing for Tax-Exempt Non-Profit Organization status.

September 28, 1989
The Internal Revenue Service grants probationary Tax-Exempt status to the Association.

March 14, 1991
The first IAFC Fire Apparatus Mechanic Certification Level 1 test is given.

June 8, 1991
OFAEMA is voted in as a 'Section Member' of the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association.

January 23, 1992
OFAEMA is voted in as an Associate Member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

March 26, 1992
The first Emergency Vehicle Technician certification classes and testing were given at the 12th Annual Fire Mechanics School.

August 1, 1992
The Oregon Fire Chiefs Association adopts the 'Vehicle Safety Inspection Form' that was developed by OFAEMA as suggested guidelines for vehicle maintenance.

July 10, 1993
Kerry Bohanan (representing OFAEMA) joins the National Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians.

September 23-26, 1993
Mike Thorn attends the Emergency Vehicle Technicians testing validation conference in Chicago, Illinois.

February 14, 1994
The Internal Revenue Service grants permanent Tax-Exempt, Non-Profit Organization status to the Association.

May 13-14, 1994
OFAEMA puts up a display booth at the first annual Northwest Fire & Rescue Exposition at the Lane County Convention Center in Eugene.

August 28, 1994
Mike Thorn is invited by Terry Sutphen to join a task force that is working on NFPA 1915, Emergency Apparatus Maintenance Standards.

September 16, 1995
Mike Thorn is nominated for a position on the NFPA technical committee that is working on the standards for Emergency Vehicle Mechanics.

February 24, 1996
The NFPA announces that Mike Thorn has been appointed as a principle member of the new technical committee working on NFPA 1071, Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualification Standards. This 5-year commitment is being sponsored by OFAEMA.

March 21, 1996
The first Gerald Nordlund Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student at the 16th Annual Fire Mechanics School in Salem. This full scholarship includes tuition, books, and motel accommodations.

November 23, 1996
Kerry Bohanan (representing OFAEMA) joins the National Fire Protection Association.

February 1, 1998
OFAEMA starts up its first Web site.

March 25, 1999
A 'pump test panel' was presented to the membership in memory of Dennis Janssens. Dennis was a charter member of the organization and was largely responsible for setting up the pump test pit and pumper for the school.

April 1999
Mike Thorn is appointed to the Board of Directors of the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission.

August 1999
Wendi Colmone of the Portland Fire Bureau (Portland, Oregon) becomes the first female EVT Certified Technician in the United States.

May 17, 2000
NFPA 1071, Standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications, and NFPA 1915, Standard for Fire Apparatus Preventative Maintenance Program, are adopted by the NFPA Standards Council.

August 18, 2000
NFPA 1071 and NFPA 1915 standards go into effect.

November 7, 2001
OFAEMA joins the Fire Mechanics Curriculum Consortium. At this time there are six states represented in the Conosortium. The main goal of this nation wide organization is to standardize the fire mechanic training that is presented at each states mechanics school. This will assure the mechanic that the training he or she receives at the local level, will be the same that is presented at other Consortium member states.

June 14, 2003
With the effective date of June 30, Kerry Bohanan resigns as Executive Director due to retirement from the fire service.   Rick Fletcher is appointed as replacement.

June 14, 2003
Griffin-Tabor, Inc. is assigned to handle the administrative, accounting and financial duties for the Association.

August 28, 2006
Griffin-Tabor, Inc resigns the administrative duties for the Association due to change in ownership of the company.

July 1,2009
Kerry Bohanan re-appointed as Executive Director to help Rick Fletcher with the increasing job responsibilities, and the continuing growth of the Association.

June 19, 2010
Dave Crawford elected to represent Oregon at the newly organized Emergency Vehicle Maintenance Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

January, 2011
The Association changes over to on-line class registration and payment through our website.

 June 8, 2012
The Gerald Nordlund Memorial Scholarship is renamed to the George Eisert Memorial Scholarship to honor our President who passed-away while in office.

 September 19, 2012
With the effective date of October 1, 2012, Kerry Bohanan resigns the position of Executive Director due to unforseen personal matters. 

October 3, 2012
President David Clark appoints Tony Miller to the position of Executive Director


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