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Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association
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The 2024 Oregon Fire Mechanics conference is coming up, please check back here soon for announcement.


This year we will be doing the

Allison F-6, 
Apparatus Maintenance & Inspection F-1,
Apparatus Hydraulics F-8,
Fire Pumps & Accessories F-3
Apparatus Electrical F-4 and more.............





















This year, we are offering our spring workshop at two separate locations:


April 24th - 25th - Ridgefield WA

April 27th -28th - Moses Lake WA


Both locations will provide the same training





Day 1

A/C Class 8am-12pm

Lunch 12-12:30

A/C Class 12:30-5pm


Day 2

A/C Class w/609 Test

8am-12, Lunch 12-12:30

Oil Sampling Class 12:30-2:30 

EVT Testing Opportunity 3-5pm



Course Information:


A/C Class with EPA 609 Test


This course is designed for the emergency vehicle technician, focusing on best practices for diagnosis and service of mobile A/C systems. Major topics include:

  • A/C theory of operation refresher
  • System performance checks
  • Visual inspection of major components
  • Refrigerant identifier operation
  • RRR machine preparation
  • Gauge readings diagnostics
  • Leak detection best practices
    • Electronic
    • Fluorescent dye
    • Forming gas
  • System service best practices


Day 2 of the course will provide an opportunity for the technician to acquire EPA 609 certification. All technicians who perform A/C system service “for consideration” (pay) or wish to purchase refrigerant in larger than 2-pound containers must have EPA 609 certification.


Oil Analysis Class

Benefits and importance of using an oil analysis program for added savings and reduced liability. 2). Fuel Testing—quality assurance for improved dependability and improved uptime, fewer headaches and big savings, compliance, and reduced liability. 3). Lubricant Fundamentals—usage and best practices for fleets and shop, improved durability, and savings.






Register @ https://www.washingtonfirechiefs.com

Fire Mechanics Section or 360 352 0161























President & Education Committee Chair

Rick Fletcher



The Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association is a non-profit educational organization.

The purpose of this organization is to provide complete and comprehensive education and certification on the service and maintenance of emergency apparatus.

OFAEMA works with the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Program to assure that all of our preparation classes meet their education standards.  This will assure that the training mechanics receive at the local level is consistant with the training recognized by other states.

You can contact the Education committee by email or phone. rick@ofaema.org or 503-369-5199. New Number.


Next Board of Directors Meeting                

To be announced.

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