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Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association
                          "Safety Through Education"


We finished our 40th annual fire mechanics conference, following classes went great. 


Fire Apparatus Maintenance F-1

Fire Apparatus Design F-2

Fire Pumps & Accessories F-3

Allison Transmission F-6 

Aerial Fire Apparatus F-5

Hydraulic Systems F-8

Foam Systems F-7

Ground Ladder & Aerial Testing 

Pierce Chassis Electrical 

Pierce PM Maintenance

NFPA 1906 Wildland fire spec's,

Kussmaul Chargers,

Weldon VMux,


Big thank you to sponsors,

Al Conkle,
Hughes Fire Equipment,
Pierce Manufacturing,
Spartan Motors, 
Idex Corp. (Weldon & Class 1)
Mallory Company
Fire Service Repair
Woodburn Fire District
Keizer Fire District



President & Education Committee Chair

Rick Fletcher


 Do you have a maintenance problem and don't know where to find the answer?   Check out the "EVT Tech Talk" mechanics forum. 
Fellow mechanics, on this free website, may already have the answer to your question.  

The Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association is a non-profit educational organization.

The purpose of this organization is to provide complete and comprehensive education and certification on the service and maintenance of emergency apparatus.

OFAEMA works with the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Program to assure that all of our preparation classes meet their education standards.  This will assure that the training mechanics receive at the local level is consistant with the training recognized by other states.

You can contact the Education committee by email or phone. rick@ofaema.org or 503-369-5199. New Number.


Next Board of Directors Meeting                

To be announced.

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