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Tina Schneider becomes a member

Jan 28, 2015

To whom it may concern:                        01/28/2015

After inspecting the current bylaws of the Oregon Fire Apparatus & Emergency Mechanics Association, and finding no conflicts; having a motion made by Rick Fletcher to make Mrs. Tina Schneider of good eats for you, and seconded by Randy Benetti, and by vote via email in the affirmative from Kerry Bohanan, Neil Senger, Tony Miller, Dave Crawford and Matt Sims, I hereby decree Mrs. Tina Schneider to be an active Supporting Member of the Oregon Fire Apparatus & Emergency Mechanics Association, beginning as of January 28, 2015.

As it is also the prerogative of the board of directors, any and all dues normally collected are hereby waived. This is secondary to the degree of service Mrs. Schneider has faithfully and dutifully provided to the said organization, believed to be now at the 12th year. This particular notation may be corrected anytime after today’s date for an accurate count of years of service.

In that Mrs. Schneider has been active as the caterer for OFAEMA, she may continue to serve as such, thus making OFAEMA self serving for the purposes of school meals customarily held for the annual OFAEMA mechanics school, being at the Brooks training facility. Mrs. Schneider will provide required documentation to the facility manager for review so caterer services may continue for OFAEMA on the Brooks training facility, now and in the future.

Mr. Tony Miller, please record this action into the standard minutes of OFAEMA for the purposes of posterity on behalf of the organization.

Thank all for your participation in this special “election”.

Respectfully submitted ;

David L. Clark
President, OFAEMA, 2012-2015 Site Meter