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Annual Meeting Minutes 2014

Mar 6, 2014

MARCH 6th, 2014

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1930 by president, David Clark.

Introduction of Instructors & Guests: David had all 38 vendors, students, and members give a self introduction.

Mike Thorn gave the invocation

Dinner was provided by Adam's Rib Smoke House.


Minutes of last meeting: Motion was made by Randy Benetti to approve the minutes from last meeting. It was Seconded by Matt Sims with no feather discussions.

Presidents Report: Welcome to all present & thank you for your attendance. Your presence this evening demonstrates a valve to the organization that is measureable only by family support of each individual mechanic as we attend faithfully to our chosen mission, caring for those who care for others. Thank you, especially to the spouses who are in attendance, you are invaluable.
   As we progress through the general business as necessary, please enjoy each other's company. Network long after this evening is over. Bounce ideas and questions between yourselves, contract your instructions and vendor representatives. To the younger mechanics, remember the honor the older mechanics your knowledge base will surpass theirs in time, but not yet. Remember they have a lot to share with you that you won't locate in books or power point. They know things they are willing to pass on to you for the asking. They even have some special blessing for the work you're doing especially when you miss the target with your 16oz ball hammer or skin your knuckles as the wrench slips free. It may not sound politically correct, but it's a second language just the same. Our equipment is more computerized than ever before but there are always the basics of the skill we call trouble shooting. In shout enjoy the tasks and continue to grow. Develop your imagination make a tool and exercise patience. Few do what you do save and except those who stand in freedoms defense protecting strangers whom we'll never know.
   Thanks again for a successful mechanics school. Let's keep working to make our professions history strong and honorable.

Executive Director Report: We had 100 students attending the 34th school. We had two instructors that didn't show this year but we worked around it by having students on Monday move into other classes of their chooses. A big thanks goes out to Al Conkle for stepping up and helping us out on the Thursday class that didn't show up. We held the EVT testing again this year at the DoubleTree Hotel. We had 44 taking 87 EVT test this year.
Committee Reports:
A. Education committee: Rick thanking Tom & Matt with help getting instructors for the 34th school. Also thanking all the instructors for teaching are technicians.

   B. Vendors committee: Thanking all the vendors for coming out this year to are vendor show on Thursday.

Cascade Fire & Safety
Auto Additions
Land Mark Ford
Frank Portwood
Braun Northwest
Cummins Northwest
Romaine Elect.
Interstate Auto Parts
Cascade Fire Equipment Co.
Fire Research
Lawson Products
Underwriters Lab


Old Business:   Previous installation of Matt Sims as the 2yr Director and Randy Bennetti as the 3yr Director, filling in vacancies that occurred. Thank you for stepping up.
   Mike Thorn, Information and comments regarding NFPA 1071 its importance and OFAEMA participation.

New Business:
   A. Election of Officers: Neil nominated for the present officers to continue in 2014-2015.
   President: David Clark
   Vice President: Dave Crawford
   2nd Vice President: Tom Ward
   1 year director: Richard Fletcher
   2 year director: Matt Sims
   3 year director: Randy Benetti
   Past President: Art Blairsdell
   2nd Past President: Quirt Lancaster
   Executive Director: Tony Miller



Good of the order: Fire Expo. May 16/17th 2014 Portland Expo Center.
Meeting Adjourned: Site Meter