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Meeting Minutes 11-9-2013

Dec 30, 2013

                November 9th, 2013
TVF&R/ Clackamas shop

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to order 12:10, 11/9/2013. OFAEMA provided sandwiches from Subway with beverages for attendees. Funds have been set aside for the hosting department now so the host doesn’t have to foot the bill himself on behalf of the organization.

ATTENDANCE: David Clark, President
      Tom Ward, 2nd Vice President
      Rick Fletcher, 1 Year Director
      Matt Sims, 2 Year Director
      Randy Benetti, 3 year Director
      Art Blaisdell, Past President
      Tony Miller, Executive Director
Excused: Dave Crawford, Vice President, Quirt Lancaster, 2nd Past President,

MINUTES: Review of minutes from May 11th, 2013. Accepted, seconded by Matt. Approved

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Catching up on summer’s work, so nothing at this time to report for the group.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Considering options based on issues that have arisen for upcoming classes. Phone call from hotel informing that rates are changing, hotel will email Tony with the new rates. Nothing was supposed to be changed. Phoenix Inn, now Double Tree by Hilton, rates possibly subject to change secondary to new ownership. Discussion followed regarding Best Western. Need room for testing, dinner, and hospitality, information to follow. Discussion followed for meals for the school as we have to use on site catering vendor. Need to research both the meal situation and possibly new hotel for the school attendees. If use prior caterer the old issue of running out of food reassured by chef that this would not happen. Need to have a head count one week before school being in session for his count, include estimation for vendors as well. Discussed the history of room use at the main campus offered by Rick. Discussion followed regarding changing school location by Art, Matt, Rick, Tom, and Tony for 2015. Need to know current year of commitment with Chemeketa for considering changing school location. Possibly TVF&R Aloha station if decision occurs to move school for 2015. Discussed Dave Crawford, current VP, eligibility to continue serving on the board. He is on contract with his department which fits the current bylaws. Discussion followed.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Static except for website information. Tony with quick report. No money going out yet.

SCHOLARSHIP REPORT: Inquiry from Art, True North appears to be quiet. Tom visited with Hughes with being a possible scholarship provider. Tom is exploring more with Sherry.

EDUCATION REPORT: Quick review of current committees and members of same, (representation to OFCA potential, discussion by Randy.) NFPA 1071 addresses conditions regarding who, etc. for working on fire service vehicles overall. Discussion, explanation of conditions by Rick and Art. Affiliation again with OFCA would be supported by OFAEMA board members. PR committee can use members to help with further developments of public information to the general populace.
Randy now appointed to the PR committee, explanation of committee tasks for review of all present by Rick.
Review of classes that we need to look at and decide on. Great to choose the class, but need to remember that a qualified instructor needs to be available for each class. Al Conkle’s fire tech support notations were handed out for review. Landmark Ford may do a class on Power Stoke; Akron Brass may teach a class on V-MUX; need a class in the E series for Ambulance techs; F2 classes discussed, may approach Mike Thorn with the issue. Have to be careful with his assistance as he is a proctor for the EVT testing. Haldex on air brake systems previously taught classes for OFAEMA, discussion followed lead by Matt. Brake considerations including legalities reviewed by Rick as taught by Haldex, high interest. Dave Gibson of TVFR will be asked about teaching a class. F-4 class still needed, possibly by Mr. Gibson. Mike Santilli will be contacted by Rick for availability on advanced electrical classes. Instructor for tires and wheels interested in teaching a class for OFAEMA, Jeff Taylor. Welding instructor mentioned facilities for training an issue, Lincoln Welding a possible. (Tom to pursue issue). Mike Pentler is the welding instructor. Mention of instructor information reviewed for personnel present. Vehicle inspection for conflagration class discussed, 1998 was last class. Darley Pumps class was discussed as a need. [Note; need to approach pump manufacturers for rejects to be developed into training props for the organizations.] Jim Stephens teaches some management classes, last taught in 2010, being considered again. Rick to pursue this item. Fire Pumps and accessories class mentioned, (Steve Towers). MES for Scott air packs will be looked into by Tony, Steve Morris for MSA will be visited with for a potential review class. ARF classes noted as a point of interest need to advertise at the ground level, not at the manager’s level. Rick/Randy will check into this class as another on to offer for 2014. (A1/A2 at $1000.00/level previous cost, Oregon first to do class on West coast.) NOTE: we have to publish the class itinerary to the departments for participation by January 2014. RITA training association would be one organization that could assist. Rick reviewed previous class attendees for the ARF classes for potential recertification attendance. Note: Al Conkle can also do FOAM classes, Alison classes also one of his scheduled classes. CAFS/FOAM systems of concern. 1999 was the last year we hosted an Elkhart class on nozzles and associated appliances. Rick will investigate a Bendix class also as a potential offer for 2014. Don Gleason or Steve Towers (Field Service Repairs), will be approached for a pump test class.
Rick will be contacting other committee members to further discuss these classes, and formulate a calendar of the classes.

VENDORS REPORT: Being updated, and to be sent out for processing. Already been contacted by two vendors, Landmark Ford and Lawson products.

OLD BUSINESS: Tony requested current information for Randy Benetti for record purposes with OFAEMA. Art Blasdell resigning, but will remain active as an advisor and is a great historical insights regarding the EVT/OFAEMA . Current board member listing to be updated based on today’s date. Tom reported on costs of Yahoo site, but Rick and Tony currently oversee our site.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Training for Pierce, Matt in touch with Sonny. If anyone has information regarding TSE’s please send in to Rick for publication on OFAEMA website for other mechanics to be aware. Rick with mention of possibly issuing a small fee to the EVTA organization as a supporting group to also promote OFAEMA, and to let mechanics know there is a place to go to for advice on problems. Brief discussion on other advertising items to get the school back in the presence of the public and maintenance community. Need to update our membership decal with Mark Carroll. Tri-fold flyer needs to be sent out again, (update). Tony and Rick with quick discussion on membership listing and updates. Rick will send to Tony via gmail account. Website update discussion started by Randy, explained by Rick and Tony to Randy and Matt.
Meeting adjourned at 15:40, 11/9/2013

Next Meeting: December 28th, 2013 at Silverton at 1200 hours. Place will be at Tony shop as usual. Main purpose will be to verify efforts for 2014 Site Meter