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Meeting Minutes 5-11-2013

Nov 11, 2013

                   MAY 11, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to Order at 12:40hrs by President David Clark.

ATTENDANCE: David Clark, President
       Tom Ward, 2nd Vice President
       Matt Sims, 2 Year Director
       Tony Miller, Executive Director
       Neil Senger
       Kerry Bohanan
Were excused from the meeting. RICK FLETCHER, ART BLAISDELL, Quirt Lancaster, Richard Copenhaver, and Dave Crawford

MINUTES: As published, Tom with motion to approve, Matt with second

PRESIDENTS REPORT: None at this time. Note as developed during this meeting to be forwarded to Tony for his use.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: No scholarship received from H&W, now known as “True North”.

FINANCIAL REPORT: (Audit performed prior to calling the general assembly of those present to order) Books balanced. Books reviewed with Neil Leading the Audit, Kerry assisting Tony, verifications by Matt and DLC by observations of records.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: Much discussion was held in the matter. A scholarship from H&W was expected, but not received for whatever reason, so OFAEMA honored the detail themselves. This amount is for $500.00 for the participant chosen to receive it. It was mentioned that H&W has been now changed to “True North”. We will have to pursue this contract in the near future for clarification of participant or not. It appears this may have become lost in transitions. It was also suggested that we contact KME and Hughes as well as other equipment manufactures for like participation. By expanding this aspect, we may generate some healthy sponsorship for the future.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Nothing to report at this time.

VENDORS COMMITTEE: 12 participants, each with a donation of $50.00 which is used to finance meals for the students, and vendors. This is a “donation fee” for each vendor table to display their wares. Several did express a desire to return in the future sessions. Participants are as noted below. There were some inquiries about electronic transactions on their behalf for simplifying the participant process on their behalf.
Whelen, Landmark Ford, Braun, Christenson Oil, Randco Tanks and Equipment, Wildfire Environmental USA, Interstate Auto Parts, Frank Portwood, Cascade Fire & Equipment, Fire Research Corporation, Mc Loughlin & Eardly Group, Romaine Electric

OLD BUSINESS: Much discussion was held by those present to take advantage of further publication avenues, primarily the utilization of the Gated Wye & Daily Dispatch to publicize the future OFAEMA annual school. As well, our website should consider incorporation a tab for vendor registration on the WEB site plus the letter of invitation. This would streamline the entire process for the future participants, student and vendors alike. Tom Ward offered to look into Yahoo website as well. It was suggested to have Rick look into making these adjustments to the current website.

NEW BUSINESS: News from Rick Fletcher, and confirmed by Tony Miller, Richard Copenhaver, the board member from Illinois Valley Fire & Rescue, has resigned from his department job, and will be relocation with his family to Northern California. After some discussion by those present, Tom Ward mentioned Bill Hays, a temporary mechanic with Sisters FD, and Matt mentioned Randy Bonnetti from Grants Pass. It was decided to inquire of Randy if he was still interested, and after some phone conversations by Matt with Randy, and e-mail contracts with DLC via Matt, a letter of appointment was developed 5-28-13 pertaining to the matter. Randy was chosen secondary to Tom’s suggestion to keep a Southern Oregon representation and as Randy is in Grants Pass, Oregon OFAEMA would retain a Southern Oregon Participant on the board.
   There is a decision to install a line item in the general budget system to now have a line item strictly for meeting meals of the OFAEMA board when being held in various locations. This is so the hose will not have to bear the cost of the meal on behalf of the board of directors meetings being held at other than one specific location, nor should the host department be burdened with reimbursement of the host board member for said cost. It is justified as this is a matter of general business. I believe a general cap of $50.00 was decided as the allowance.

Meeting adjourned at 14:35hrs

Next Meeting: Matt Simms volunteered to host the next meeting, in Aloha, Oregon, on August 24th 2013 @ 12:00 hours. Address is 20665 SW Blanton St, Aloha, OR 97007 Site Meter