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Meeting Minutes 03/07/2013

Mar 25, 2013

MARCH 7, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm by president, David Clark.

David had the vendors, students, and members give a self introduction.

Mike Thorn gave the invocation

Minutes of last meeting: A motion was made by Kerry and seconded by Dave. Passed

Presidents Report: Thank you all for your attendance and participation. You are the reason for the Oregon Fire Apparatus and Emergency Mechanics Association, and without your presence, we would not exist. Although our numbers in class attendance are down this year, verbal reports from those present were positive. It was good to see familiar faces, enjoying firm handshakes of friendships, and just sit and spin a few tales recalling moments of varying situations. It is not every day we enjoy these precious times.

There has been one item to make mention of for all gathered this evening, and that has been the renaming of the scholarship awarded in honor of George Eisert. George had lost his life last year to a form of a tumor. He had become one of the corner stone’s of this organization, and so to honor his efforts of those years of service, it was decided by the current board of directors to henceforth refer to the scholarship in George’s name.

Men and women all over this beautiful state as well as those in our neighboring states are able to enjoy their chosen duties of service, because of you, the mechanic, and your due diligence of caring and dedication. For them, we of the Oregon Fire Apparatus and Emergency Mechanics board of directors say thank you, for your interest and dedication to making sure the engines, ladders, rescues, ambulances, and support services arrive on demanded time, time where seconds count.

In closing this letter of report, we of the 2013 OFAEMA board of directors hope you have enjoyed this year’s classes and added to your network of ever changing knowledge. We look forward to having you continue in your endeavors as well as returning next year to partake in another round of sharing, caring, and training for the future.

Thank you all for your time

Respectfully Submitted,
David L Clark

Executive Director Report: Tony currently reported that we have 122 active members. This is down from the 155 from last year’s membership. He also reported that we have 85 students registered for classes this year. Mike Thorn from the EVT Certification Commission reported that we have 55 students to take exams.

Committee Reports:
A. Education committee: Rick reported that we had many classes and is always looking for suggestions on classes for the upcoming year.

B. Vendors committee: David Clark would like to thank all of the vendors that participated:
•   Hale Pumps
•   Frank Portwood
•   Cascade Fire and Equipment
•   Interstate Auto Parts
•   Wildfire Environmental
•   Whelen
•   Landmark Ford
•   Braun NW
•   Randco Tanks
•   Sirennet
•   Cascade Fire and Safety
•   Fire Research Corp.
•   Northside Trucks
•   Romaine Electric
•   Foam Pro

C. Scholarship committee: They awarded Mark Heron of Mid Columbia Fire and Rescue the H&W Scholarship

Old Business: At the 2013 OFAEMA banquet, Chief Dave Crawford of Mist Fire Department presented a review of the Boyd Cole award, and that it would be good to have nomination from those assembled a name of worthy individual.

This individual is to have an influence in the Oregon Fire Apparatus Emergency Mechanics Association.

Rick Fletcher, chairman of the education committee nominated. Terry Sutphen and Kerry Bohanan 2nd nomination, leading to open the discussion. In the discussion phase, Mr. Mike Thorn spoke at length regarding Cole Boyd and his influence in forming OFAEMA, and the individual named.

A request of a hand vote regarding Mr. Terry Sutphen being nominated from OFAEMA for the Cole Boyd Award.

New Business:
   Election of Officers= Neil nominated for the present officers to continue in 2013-2014.
   President: David Clark
   Vice President: Dave Crawford
   2nd Vice President: Tom Ward
   1 year director: Richard Fletcher
   2 year director: Matt Sims
   3 year director: Richard Copenhaver
   Past President: Art Blairsdell
   2nd Past President: Quirt Lancaster
   Executive Director: Tony Miller

Good of the order: Fire Expo. September 27/28th Portland Expo Center
The meeting adjourned at 7:34pm

Next meeting will be held at Silverton Fire District May 11th at 12:00pm Site Meter