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Meeting Minutes 11-17-2012

Nov 30, 2012

Silverton Fire Department                      November 17, 2012
   Tony Miller, Rick Fletcher, Art Blaisdell, Kerry Bohanan, David Clark.

   Dave Crawford, Tom Ward, Richard Copenhaver, Quirt Lancaster, Neil Senger

Call to order @ 1248, 11/17/2012

Review of the minutes as provided by Tony Miller, all approved as noted.
Presidents Report
   As of 3 October, 2012, @ 1448 hours, Tony Miller was appointed to the position of Executive Director of OFAEMA to fill the position of vacancy by Kerry Bohanan. Tony will be contacting Kerry for all paperwork as associated in conducting business on behalf of OFAEMA. I have also submitted to Kerry copies of my signatures to be applied to the same matters where necessary. An email was sent to all board members at that time advising all of the appointment. To date, Tony is still awaiting a debit card to be provided by US Bank for the express purposes of conducting business on behalf of OFAEMA.
I had an email from Tom Ward who is still working on a one day welding class through Chemeketa, dated 11/16/2012. He will stay in touch as developments occur. I have also been visiting with our communications installer regarding a troubleshooters class on matters of sirens, lighting, and radio systems. We will be establishing the curriculum over the next 3 weeks. Items of concern are cost, printed material deemed necessary, and timeline. I will advise the board of developments. A new vendor is interested in attending the vendor show, Silke Communications out of Eugene, Oregon. A notation provided by Kerry, we still have to fill the vacant 2 year directors position on the board of OFAEMA directors. Mr. Matthew Simms of TVF&R comes recommended by Steve Senger, and he has expressed an interest in the position over the last 2 years. I will contact him this upcoming week to inquire if he still is interested, Kerry will pass along a contact email to me this week.
Financial/Directors Report.
   Tony Miller advises he has custody of all pertinent records as the matter to OFAEMA business matters, save and except the requested debit card from US Bank. Other items of discussion included the T-shirts that will be ordered for the 2013 school, (check with Neil Senger on sizes); there are no logo changes. We have enough coffee cups to cover 2013 as well. The Brooks school is scheduled to be held from the 4th through the 8th, with a posting of the school on the OFAEMA website as close to January 01, 2013 as possible. Current projected fees for the school is at $500.00/week/participant if they attend the full week of training, not including the costs for room and board. Testing remains a separate item, as well as fee submitter for each test desired. John Macke, Tanya, or Larry Feller are our Brooks contacts regarding the Brooks school facility. Testing will be done at the Motel on Friday to keep classrooms available for training, and then at the facility on Saturday. Proctor Mike Thorn will preside over the testing aspect.
Vendors Report
   I have yet to meet with Dave Crawford to go over the vendors from 2012, however, Landmark Ford is deeply interested in keeping their presence at the school on our behalf. H & W is undergoing some labor problems, so at this time it is unknown if they will sponsor the scholarship.
Audit Committee
   No Report, completed with no problems
Scholarship Committee
   Dave Crawford will check on the possible sponsorship of the scholarship by H & W.
Education Committee
   Per Rick Fletcher, Bryce Anderson will be conducting the Hale Pump Class on Tuesday and Wednesday for the school; Chuck Hudson has a pressure sensor session (class one); Keith Clayson from Waterous has a CAFS class; Anthony Buglio has a host of classes that we may still pick from, Rick will communicate with him on the matter. Anthony is willing to do the training for a cost of $3300.00 if we provide ½ of the room cost. Rick will investigate the previous years for comparison of this detail. Bruce Amecker has also a host of classes, cost will be a projected $8000.00 for his participation. He is willing to pay for his own room during the classes. Don Gleason is still on to teach the pump class on a Friday. Mr. Charlie Miller may be approached to do an F-1 class, still a possibility. The projected budget for those two principle instructors is at $12,000.00, which is $2000.00 over the usual projected cost. We still have a set of classes that need to be decided upon for the week. These two principle instructors have a lot of topics, however, we still need to decide on others to back fill those avenues not represented by Bruce and Anthony. A mention of John Moore was made, I didn't catch the whole conversation detail.
New Business
   As previously mentioned, the 2 year director’s position still needs to be back filled. As there is a candidate interested in the position, I will be contacting him via email to verify his interest and go on from there. I will advise the board of all developments regarding this and other matters.
Good of the Order
   Several vehicle problems as mentioned by all attendees were discussed along with the fixes associated. A mention of filter costs were discussed via vendors, and the websites of US Communities/Napa/Car Quest, and the IATN.NET were also mentioned.
   The next meeting is scheduled to be held again at the Silverton Fire Department, and all will chip in on the lunch matter for this next meeting. December 29th, 2012, noon timeline.
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