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Meeting Minutes 10/22/2011

Oct 23, 2011

OCTOBER 22, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to Order at 12:28 by President George Eisert.

ATTENDANCE: George Eisert, President
   David Clark, Vice President
   Dave Crawford, 2nd Vice President
   Ton Ward, 1 Year Director
   Rick Fletcher, 2 Year Director
   Tony Miller, 3 Year Director
   Art Blaisdell, Past President
   Kerry Bohanan, Executive Director   
   Neil Senger, Life Member
   Quirt Lancaster was excused from the meeting.

MINUTES: Motion was made and seconded to approve previous minutes. Passed.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Kerry reported that the Corporation status for the organization has been dropped with the state due to conflict with IRS rules. However we still maintain a business registry with the Secretary of State.

Income taxes were filed with the IRS in October showing a loss of over $3000.

Membership billing was sent out in September. We received 1 new member bringing the current membership to 97. Some departments are still in the process of paying the membership dues.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Kerry gave a report on the checking account and expenses, along with the investment account.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Rick lead a discussion on possible classes and instructors for next year. After agreeing on most of the schedule, other instructor contact assignments were given to other board members..

VENDORS COMMITTEE: George assigned Dave Clark to take over as chairman of the Vendors committee. Other committees were also evaluated and new assignments were made.

NEW BUSINESS: Discussion was held on partnering again with the OVFA at next years' NW Fire Expo to cut down on expense. After enough members agreed to help at the booth, it was decided to go ahead with the project.

Discussion was held on new a design for next years' sweatshirt. George will contact his friend in the graphics business to come up with some proposals.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Our thoughts and prayers go out to George Eisert who was recently diagnosed with cancer and Quirt Lancaster who has a broken back and will off work for several months.

Meeting adjourned at 2:29

Next Meeting: December 3, 2011 12:00 lunch
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