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Meeting Minutes 09/18/2010

Sep 19, 2010

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to Order at 12:56 by President George Eisert.

ATTENDANCE: George Eisert, President
   David Clark, Vice President
   Dave Crawford, 1 Year Director
   Ton Ward, 2 Year Director
   Rick Fletcher, 3 Year Director
   Art Blaisdell, Past President
   Kerry Bohanan, Executive Director   
   Brent Dass, MBRFPD
   Neil Senger, Quirt Lancaster and Don Gleason were excused from the meeting.

MINUTES: Motion was made and seconded to approve previous minutes. Passed.


FINANCIAL REPORT: Kerry gave a report on the checking account and expenses, also the investment account. We are still waiting for the invoice from OVFA, so that we can pay for our share of the booth at the Fire Expo in Portland.

Federal tax forms were filed on 8/17 for last year's taxes.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Kerry reported that with the new year starting on July 1, we currently show 110 members. Invoices for last year's members, that didn't attend the school, will be mailed out soon.

We were contacted last week by Network Service Company which is the name registration center for Shanghai, China. A local company there applied for registration of the, and These are China and Asia domain names. After discussion with Rick and George, we deemed that it was not necessary to register these variations of our name for use in a foreign country.

Discussion was held on a draft of the new instructor contract form.
PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Discussion was held on possible new items for sale to members to help promote the association. We will be looking to have 'ofaema' shoulder patches made for coveralls or uniforms. We are also looking at having some collector 'challenge coins' made.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Discussion was held on additional classes and instructors for next year.
Rick gave a power point presentation on the difficulties concerning registration and using VISA cards with our current web host. It was decided to check into some different alternatives.


OLD BUSINESS: Dave Crawford gave a written and oral report on his attendance at the IAFC Apparatus Maintenance Section Conference. The conference is working toward establishing a 'Best Practices Status' for organization that adopt and maintain NFPA 1071, 1911 and 1901 standards. Among other benefits, they believe that adherence to this 'Best Practice' should be considered by insurance under-writers as meriting a cost-of-insurance adjustment when these standards are adopted and implemented by an organization. Adherence to the referenced standards would result in safer, more reliable equipment with fewer and less costly claims. A motion was made and seconded to have Dave Crawford send a letter to Jeff Griffin of Wilson-Heirgood Insurance concerning this proposal. Passed.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Congratulations to Al Conkle for being the recipient of the first, Boyd Cole Instructors Award.

Meeting adjourned at 3:41

Next Meeting: October 23, 2010
Boring Fire Department 12:00 lunch

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