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Meeting MInutes 04/18/09

Apr 18, 2009

Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association
Regular Meeting
Black Butte Ranch Fire Dept.
April, 18th 2009

Call to order: at 12:25 pm by President Art Blaisdell

   Art Blaisdell, President
   George Eisert, Vice President
   Ken Smith, 1 Year Director
   Dave Crawford, 2 Year Director
   Tom Ward, 3 Year Director
   Kerry Bohanan, Life Member
   Neil Senger, Life Member
   Quirt Lancaster, Past President
   Rick Fletcher, Executive Director
Approval of minutes: Meeting minutes from 3/12/09 were approved.

Treasurers report: Rick reported that there were still several outstanding invoices from dept's and that he hadn't received the bill from Chemeketa for the facility yet.

Executive Director Report: Rick reports that we need to start deciding classes for next years school, for the education committee to get contacts made.
Rick will contact Anthony Bulygo about a Physics of aerials class, and Don Gleason about a pump test class.
George will check with Carson oil or Christenson oil about fuels & bio-fuels class, and also Red Dot about an A/C class.
Ken Smith will check on a welding class instructor, from his dept., and Chemeketa, & Quimby.

Art will check for a contact for a International Chassis class.

Other class ideas were, Hale Pumps, Cafs/Foam systems, 2010 emissions, hydraulics F8, Cooling systems, Ambulance Cab, Body & Chassis E4, Ambulance heating, cooling, and ventilation systems E3, Hurst or Genysis rescue tool maint., Design & Performance standards and preventative Maintenance of fire apparatus F2, Records management, 1071 standards, Maintenance track M1.

Old Business: None.

New Business: This is the going to be the 30th year and we need to come up with a commemorative cup and shirt design.
Will be looking for help at the Fire Expo Booth in May.

Good of the Order: Need to get Dave Hopman a Life member sweatshirt, and also Dave Crawford and Tom Ward as board members.

Next Meeting: June 20th, at Possum Lodge, Wamick. Site Meter