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Annual Membersip Meeting Minutes 03/12/2009

Mar 12, 2009

MARCH 12, 2009

CALL TO ORDER: at 19:15

ATTENDANCE: President Art Blaisdell introduced guests & instructors:
Walter Hazelton, Mike Thorn, Steve Jahns, Mike Beutler, Russ Sheldon, Rod Meade, Craig Lecy.
PRESIDENTS REPORT: Art thanked everyone for coming, and that there were changes coming in the next year in the operations of the association. Rick is stepping down as Executive Director this year, and Kerry is going to take it back.
The education committee will need your help this year. There were 27 vendors, and 13 scholarship applicants.

MINUTES: minutes from last meeting 01/10/2009 were approved.    

FINANCIAL REPORT: Rick reported that the school billings and membership dues were at $35,000 and that it should cover the costs of putting on the school.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Rick reported that there were 112 students this year, 18 classes this year, 2 new classes the ARFF A-1, & A-2.

   Vendor Show: George reported that there were 27 vendors this year, and that the vendor show went very well going from 11:30 to 2:00 and then going back to classes. Vendors were very pleased.

   Scholarship Committee: Kerry reported that there were 13 scholarship applications this year and the committee chose the ones that they thought would be the most deserving financially.
   The committee of Kerry Bohanan, Quirt Lancaster, and Danny Grove, chose to give the Gerald Nordlund Scholarship to William C. Boyd, from East Umatilla County RFPD, and the H&W scholarship went to Mark Pawlick from Evans Valley Fire District.

NEW BUSINESS: Election of Officers; Re-elect current officers, with 2 vacancies, for 2 & 3 year directors.
President - Art Blaisdell
Vice Pres.- George Eisert
2nd Vice Pres. - Dave Clark
1 year director - Ken Smith
2 year director- Dave Crawford
3 year director - Tom Ward   

GOOD OF THE ORDER: It's Neil Senger's birthday today, Happy Birthday Neil. George Eisert presented Neil with a Birthday Cake and we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Next Meeting: April 18th, 2009 at noon
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