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Meeting Minutes 06/28/08

Jul 6, 2008

JUNE 28, 2008

AUDIT COMMITEE MEETING: Started at 10:30 with Quirt Lancaster, Neil Senger, Don Gleason, George Eisert, & Rick Fletcher present. Completed by 11:30, & lunch was served

REGULAR MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: at 12:15 by Art Blaisdell

ATTENDANCE: Art Blaisdell, President
       George Eisert, Vice President
       David Clark, 1 Year Director
       Quirt Lancaster, Past President
       Don Gleason, 2nd Past President
       Neil Senger, Life Member
       Rick Fletcher, Executive Director

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Art had nothing to report.

MINUTES: Minutes from March 13, 2008 were read & approved.

Audit Committee Report: Reported that the books balanced and were in order.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Rick Fletcher reports that the current membership is at 108 members, & sent around a current membership list.
Rick will send out dues letters to members that haven't renewed yet this year and
Collections are at 100%.
Expo went well, had booth, and gave away the 2006 and 2007 coffee cups, we had a case of each, sold some shirts and gave out information.
We haven't got the Chemeketa contract yet, but Laurie has our dates for next year, March 9th thru the 13th and has the week blocked out for us. She also says we should be able to use Tina again next year, Rick will contact Tina.
Rick had a contract for the hotel for next year at the same rate as last year. There was some discussion on hotel rate and Rick will check back with the Hotel on this.
Rick is working on the 2009 mailing list, if anyone has a dept, or shop they want added, please get the info to Rick

Annual Training School: Rick has contacted Waterous, Fire Research Company, Stihl Saws, Task Force Tips, Turbo Training and a small engine class for next year. Members reviewed a class listing chart of classes held in the past 14 years and made some suggestions for next year. Air Brakes, ARFF, E3, & E4, pump testing.
Rick is going to try to get a copy of a contract that Washington uses for the instructors.

Vendor Show: Discussion was held on the Vendor show, and it will be held during a 2 hour time frame 11:00 to 1:00 on Thursday with classes scheduled for all day. We will advertise it as a Free BBQ and vendor show that day.
OLD BUSINESS: Rick reports that the savings account or cd hasn't been set up yet, he hasn't found the time yet.
Discussion was held on the coffee cups for next year, and it was decided to see if we use the same picture that was to be on the cups for 2008 school only put 2008/2009 on for the year to commerate the year of no cups. It was decided to go ahead and order the cups anytime so as to not have a repeat of last year.
Shirts were discussed and we have quite a few left sweatshirts left over, so if we can come up with a picture for a t-shirt for next year we could use some. Don Gleason was going to check with past artists for a drawing.

NEW BUSINESS: The budget for 2009 was approved to use the same figures for next year as we used in 2008.
Art reviewed the committees list and revised it, Rick will send out a copy to all members on the committees.
Motion was made to pay the executive director for his work in 2008; motion was made, seconded and passed.
GOOD OF THE ORDER: Rick Fletcher reports that Al Conkle that he has retired from Williams Detroit Diesel, but he will still be involved in the fire service.
Rick read a thank you letter from George Lonner about this year's class he taught and us having him out.
Rick read a letter from Jay Powell, President of the FMCC about lack of participation in the annual meeting in Jacksonville, and the need to either do electronic meetings or disband the organization.
There were discussions on the effect of the new NFPA 1911, and in particular the 7 year tire replacements on departments budgets. Fuel costs were also a topic.

Next Meeting: September 20th, 2008
Eugene Fire Logistics
Eugene, Ore.
10:00 AM
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