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Annual Membership Meeting 03/13/08

Mar 13, 2008

Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association
Annual Membership Meeting
March 13, 2008
Phoenix Inn North, Salem

Call to Order: at 6:30 p.m. by Art Blaisdell, President

   Art Blaisdell- President
   George Eisert- Vice President
   Danny Grove- 2nd Vice President
   Dave Hopman- 1 year director
   Mark Wilson- 2 year director
   Dave Clark- 3 year director
   Neil Senger- life member
   Kerry Bohanan- life member
   Randy Everson- life member
   Don Gleason Past president
   Rick Fletcher- Executive Director

   45 people for dinner made by Busters Barbeque.

Introduction of Guests:
Art introduced some instructors, Al Conkle, Don Gleason,
Mike Beutler & Russ Walls.

Mike Thorn gave the Invocation, and dinner was served.

Some Door prizes were drawn.

Minutes of Past Meeting:
Meeting minutes from 01/12/08 were left on the tables and
passed around. A motion was made to accept the minutes and

Presidents Report:
Art Blaisdell thanked everyone for coming this year.

Financial Report:
Rick gave the financial report.

Executive Director Report:
Rick reported that we have 103 current members and 99 paid
for 08/09 year.

Committee Reports
A. Education committee:
Rick reported that there were 14 classes this year,
and 107 people registered, from Washington, California,
Montana, & Idaho.
Rick gave a report on EVT on the statistics from the EVT
conference in January, and Oregon is 12th in the nation for
total number of Evt techs., Washington is 5th.

B. Vendors committee:
George reported that 31 vendors paid this year but a
couple didn't show. He reminded everyone to be sure and
them, they help by supporting our school. We are looking
at possibly changing the vendor time next year to improve
the contact time with the vendors next year.

Some door prizes were drawn.

C. Scholarship committee:
Dan Grove reported that we had 10 applications this year,
and he read the applicants off.
The recipient of the Gerald Nordland scholarship was Hans
Mulder, from Elsie Vine Maple Fire, and the H&W scholarship
was Robert Rueppel from Pilot Rock Fire.

Old Business: none

New Business:

A. Election of officers:
Danny Grove announced that he will not serve another term
due to personal business.

Art Blaisdell was nominated to President
George Eisert was nominated to vice-president
Mark Wilson was nominated to 2nd vice-president
David Clark was nominated to 1 year director
Ken Smith was Nominated to 2 year director
Garrett Eilers was nominated to 3 year director

Art Blaisdell presented Dave Hopman with a Life Time
membership award for his years of service to the

A question was asked why EVT doesn't let you take more
than 2 tests or 4 re-certs at a time. Mike Thorn
answered the question, that the quantity of study
materials to digest for that many tests and the
proctors time on test dates of 2 hours a test.

The last of the door prizes were raffled off

Good of the Order: The Fire Expo is May 16/17 at the Expo
center, Portland.

Next Meeting:   

Annual Audit Meeting
in June to be decided
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