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Annual Membership Meeting 03/08/07

Mar 8, 2007

Oregon Fire Apparatus & Equipment Mechanics Association
Annual Membership Meeting
March 8, 2007
Phoenix Inn North, Salem

Call to Order: Vice President Art Blaisdell called meeting
to order at 7:03

   Art Blaisdell-Vice President
   George Eisert-2nd Vice President
   Danny Grove- 1 year director
   Dave Hopman- 2 year director
   Neil Senger- life member
   Kerry Bohanan- life member
   Randy Everson- life member
   Don Gleason Past president
   Rick Fletcher- Executive Director

Mike Thorn gave the Invocation, and dinner was served.

Introduction of Guests: Art introduced our guests, Tony
Bulygo, Steve Jahn, Russ Sheldon, Mike Beutler.

Danny Grove announced the scholarship recipients. Stanley
Jaska from Lakeview
Fire Dept. received the Gerald Nordland Scholarship.
Tom Ward received the H&W Emergency Vehicles scholarship,
and the check was presented to the association by Russ

Art Blaisdell thanked all the vendors that sponsored
classes with instructors, and/or equipment for their
support of the annual school and the association.

Anthony Bulygo spoke shortly about the school and its

Presidents Report: Art Blaisdell had nothing to report in
Quirt Lancasters place.

Minutes: the minutes were projected on the screen and read
aloud, and passed.

Financial Report: Rick Fletcher gave a financial report.

Executive Directors Report: Rick Fletcher reported that we
have 85 members. Rick reported that in Dec. we were advised
that GTI was no longer going to be able provide
administrative duties for the association. Due to this Rick
took over the administrative duties and changed the address
and phone numbers. Rick talked about the need for the
association membership to step up and be more involved with
the association for next year. The school is put on for
their benefit. Rick announced that the website would be the
central point of contact now.

Committees Report:
   Education: Rick reported that we had 93 students this year
attending 13 different    
   classes. Students came from as far away as Canada, Utah,
Montana, & Wash.
   We also had some new to us classes this year.
   Vendors: George Eisert reported that we had 29 vendors
this year.
   Scholarship: Danny Grove reported that we had 4
scholarship applicants and
   where they were from.

Old Business: None

New Business: Rick Fletcher projected the website onto the
screen and did a presentation    on the website and it's
navigation. He showed the calendar for next years school
   and Don's reminders on the calendar, the links and some of
the other association    websites.

Election of Officers:
   Art Blaisdell was nominated for President,
   George Eisert was nominated for Vice President
   Danny Grove was nominated for 2nd Vice President
   Dave Hopman was nominated for 1 year director
   Mark Wilson was nominated for 2 year director
   David Clark was nominated for 3 year director
   All positions were elected by unanimous vote

Good of the Order: none

Motion to Adjourn: motion was made and seconded. Site Meter