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Meeting Minutes 12/09/06

Dec 9, 2006

DECEMBER 10, 2006

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 1:04
P.M., by President Quirt.

Dan Grove, One year Director
Duane Jordan, Member
Dave Hopman, Two year Director
Art Blaisdell, Vice President
Kerry (Bo) Bohanan, Life Member
Neil Senger, Life Member
George Eisert, 2nd Vice President
Quirt Lancaster, President

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Quirt reports that do to changes
occurring within Griffin-Tabor Inc., they will no longer be
able to represent us. Discussion followed about the
circumstances surrounding this, and how we will need to
handle this.
It was decided that the association purchase a cell phone
to remedy the phone number issue, maybe up to 3 phones.
George will check on this, and get back to Rick with plans
& pricing options.
Bo offered to help with anything that Rick needs, to see
that the school happens. A motion was made by Dan Grove
that Bo be approved to do anything that the executive
director directs, and was seconded by Neil. Motion was
passed. Rick and Bo will make a decision on the new

MINUTES: Minutes of the Oct.7th, 2006 were approved as
written. Motion made by Dave, and seconded by Dan.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Rick gave a checking account balance.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT: Rick showed on power point 2
different website proposals, one presented by Dan Grove,
from a friend in Medford, and one that Rick put together.
Costs and operating were discussed, as were options. Do to
the time constraints, and cost, a motion was made by Art
and seconded by Dave to move the existing website to the
one Rick had already put together to show. Motion was
Rick will check to see how members get there password if
the forget it on the new website.
Rick will put together a flyer to mail out on the first of
January to remind people of the school and to go to the
website for information and registration.
Cup picture was discussed and it will be sent to Bo to be
cleaned up and sent to gravagraphics.

A.   EDUCATION: Rick passed around the school schedule that
he has put together for 2007, and explained the figures.
Rick still has a couple of classes to get confirmation to
finalize the classes.
B.   VENDORS: The Vendor show will be held on Thursday March
8th, 2007 starting at noon, and a motion was made by Neil
and seconded by Bo, to raise the vendor table from $40 to
$50. Motion was approved.
C.   SCHOLARSHIP: The scholarship committee members liked the
scholarship application that was made up and the ability to
be able to offer the second scholarship sponsored by H&W
Emergency Vehicles. The scholarship application will be
available on the web site and will be sent to scholarship
committee members automatically.


NEW BUSINESS: Bo & Rick reported that they went to the new
D.P.S.S.T. facility and met with John West, and were given
a tour of the facility. They discussed the possibility of
using this facility in the future for the school. The
question of students using the Dorms or even being with a
criminal background, would there be a background check
Rick will inventory the shirts we have left, and the board
would like a new sweatshirt to sell at the school and Fire
Expo. We will try to use the picture from Don, from last
year and get them made. Would like a different color than
grey to set them apart from the board members sweatshirts.
Suggested color, blue with red picture.
Art Blaisdell stepped on the tracks and will move up to
President in March.
2007 membership sticker will be taken care of by George and
will be black background with yellow cross.
Dan will try to contact Ken Pangburn and see if he still
meets the requirements to be a board member, and if not
Quirt will appoint a temporary replacement.

GOOD OF THE ORDER: Suggestion of bringing Jim Stephans out
to teach at the school, he has a large list of classes he
does, and is good instructor according to George.

MOTION TO ADJOURN: Meeting was adjourned at4:09 P.M.

NEXT MEETING: The Next meeting will be on Sunday March 4th
at the North Salem, Phoenix Inn, room 101 at 6:00 P.M. Site Meter