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42nd ANNUAL OFAEMA SCHOOL > Aerial Fire Maintenance F-5
Aerial Fire Maintenance F-5
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This class provided by Spartan Apparatus & REV Group

F-5 Aerial Maintenance

This workshop will prepare the technician to take the EVTCC F5 exam. Course objectives are to define the terms and phrases commonly used with aerial fire apparatus, operations and/or testing; identify the design requirements for aerial fire apparatus stated in NFPA 1900; understand the testing, inspection and documentation requirements of all aerial fire apparatus (NFPA 1910); understand and identify hydraulic systems of an aerial apparatus; understand and identify electrical systems of an aerial apparatus; describe activities considered to be accepted practice in service and repair of aerial apparatus and understand the principles of operating aerial apparatus.

Technicians are urged to obtain and study the reference material prior to attending the workshop.

 Required Textbooks & Classroom Resources  NFPA 1900 - Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, NFPA 1910 – Standard for Inspection, Maintenance, Testing & Retirement of In-Service Fire Apparatus.

Introduction to Hydraulic Technology, Student Workbook Any hydraulic reference materials with symbols, such as Fluid Power Designer Lightning Reference Handbook


Registering for this class does not register the person for EVTCC Testing. To Register to take the EVT Test associated with this class go to www.evtcc.org and register with them before February 21st.


  Tuesday 5th,  (8:00-4:00)

 Instructor: Chris Long, Spartan Fire Apparatus