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Air Systems & Foundation Brakes
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Air System,

General Air system of Truck, Tractor, and Trailer; General Valves and what they do; How to ID Valves; Plumbing; Troubleshooting; Air Treatment (dryers, alcohol, etc...)


Foundation Brakes

Federal Laws regarding brakes, Brake Inspector at the fleet, What to look for when doing a brake job, Drums, Wear of shoes (Q vs Eaton), S-Cam (bushings), Hardware, Brake Shoe ID, Improper wear, Heat issues, Brake Chamber operation, Brake Drag,  Long Stroke chambers, S Cam IDs,

Brake Adjustors (Manual vs Auto) Laws, Proper Installation of ABA, Proper checking of ABA,

Free Stroke, Applied Stoke, Cutting Pushrod, Brake Force, AL Factor, Friction Material,

Coefficient of Friction, Air Disc Brakes, And More. 


Wednesday 7th 2018,  (8:00-5:00)  


Instructor: Kevin Rose & Rick Mello/Engineer for Haldex Corporation