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Meeting Minutes 12-28-13

Mar 8, 2014

                December 28, 2013

CALL TO ORDER: Meeting called to Order at 12:35 by President David Clark.

ATTENDANCE: David Clark, President
      Rick Fletcher, 1 Year Director
      Matt Sims, 2 Year Director
      Tony Miller, Executive Director

Were excused from the meeting. Dave Crawford, Tom Ward, Art Blaisdell, Quirt Lancaster, Randy Benetti

MINUTES: A motion was made and seconded to approve previous minutes. Matt Sims

PRESIDENTS REPORT: None at this time.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: Tony Miller, spoke with female rep from Double tree by Hilton about rates for the coming year school in March. Rick is looking for the updated rate and cutoff date from the website. Banquet info - Adams Ribs will be coming back this year for are Banquet at the hotel, cost's $20.00/person no change from the years in the past. Still need scholarship info for the website. Tony put together a Tri-fold flyer so we can mail that out to fire departments as a reminder of the school coming up in March. Rick will be sending an updated template for the mailer that Tony will be mailing out next month.

FINANCIAL REPORT: None at this time.


EDUCATION COMMITTEE: - still need classes. Calendar handed out, handout for Al Conkle. Refer to the list or calendar for other classes. Steve Wynn can't do any training at this time. Steve Towers can do a class, needs to use Washington State's pump trailer. Don Gleason will do the pump testing class. Detroit diesel / Pacific Power could do the 2 stroke class, could use Al for other classes. Pierce F-2 class is a potential class, possibly having Ken Kempfer as the instructor. Tom Ward tires class is a go. Note: George Loner (sp) passed away in Oct. 2012. Membership decals from Mark Carroll. To be done. Neil and Rick has shirt/other equipment of OFAEMA. Rick will continue to bird dog some of the other "traditional " classes. Tony and Matt have offered to go get the Washington Pump training trailer if needed. Chemeketa college kitchen has offered breakfast, need to know cost and content. They will do lunch also and they will be getting us a menu to pick from. OFAEMA furnished other food stuffs for the students. Still need private space for board to use. Pricing on classes still half or full day calculations. Will use dollars per day for figuring class costs. We are set up as a catalog on the website. Discussion ensued to assure membership to get discounts. This is a per person membership. Will try to make billing changes to make the process easier to navigate for the student to use PayPal and the website. CityMax is the main site we use in conjunction with PayPal for class registration. Rick will explore other options for payment issues. Confirmation before payment is an issue. No shows are not reimbursed. Instructor worksheets still need to be done one per instructor so the information can be added to the website publication. Should decide on Al's classes, Pacific Diesel could do the PM classes on the DD3 need to conform with them. Note: should be exploring the E series classes to tap into the ambulance industry that we currently aren't developing. Instructors for the E sessions are hard to locate. Ken Kempfer, Pierce electronics instructor, may be a potential class, last done in 2009. Matt to talk with IMMI for seatbelt technologies for a class. They also handle the TEK rollover systems found in new trucks. He will also check on a dd13/dd15 for engine training.

VENDORS COMMITTEE: Vendor Information developed and will be sent out in January to all vendors. Fees will be collected by David Clark and passed on to Tony at the beginning of the school. Postage bill to be turned in to Tony for reimbursement.

OLD BUSINESS: Update Matt's personal contact information for the records. Rick added to his template for publication to the board members on the web site.

Meeting adjourned at 12/28/2013 @ 15:40

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