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Meeting Minutes 11/01/08

Nov 19, 2008

NOVEMBER 1, 2008

CALL TO ORDER: at 10:10   

ATTENDANCE: Art Blaisdell, President
       Dave Clark, 1 year Director
       Ken Smith, 2 year Director
       Don Gleason, 2nd Past President
       Kerry Bohanan, Life Member
       Rick Fletcher, Executive Director


MINUTES: Minutes of last meeting were read and approved.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Report was given by Rick.

Rick reports that our membership is up to 125 members, after he invoiced members that had not renewed. Kerry reports that the coffee cups for next year are already on order and will be dated 2008/2009.
Rick has signed the contract with Chemeketa, and the Phoenix inn hotel at a rate of $70 a night. Need to contact Tina, to see if she will be able to do lunches next year.
Rick reports he will use the mailing list from last year with any new members added, and if anyone has names to be added to the mailing list forward them to him.

   Rick reports that Waterous has committed to a 2 day
hands on class.
   Don Gleason will do pump testing class.
   Stihl is committed to a saw class.
   TFT will do a half day.
   Cummins is working on putting a class together.
   It was suggested that Bruce Amacker do the powerstroke
class and electrical classes.
   Dave Clark will contact Mike Thorn about a maintenance
class on the 1911.
Dave will also contact Braun Northwest to see if we can
find an E3-and E4 instructor.
   Rick has emailed Terry Eckert about the E3 & E4 classes,
no reply yet.
   Don Gleason will contact Hughes fire to see if Pierce
will do a command zone class.
   Rick showed a list of management classes that George had
suggested for discussion, and also brought up for
discussion the possiblity of doing an ARFF class.
   Dave asked about a class on Excel to use for putting
together records and worksheets.
   The group also thought we are due to have an air brakes
class again this year. Rick will work on this.

Vendor Show: Still planned for 12:00 to 2:00 on Thursday.
OLD BUSINESS: Rick reports that he hasn't moved any monies of
the association into an interest bearing account yet.   
   We have a large quantity of shirts left from last year,
mostly sweatshirts,    
   Bo & Dave have been working on a new shirt picture.
   Don will contact Don Gray and see if he can get anything
from him.

NEW BUSINESS: None            
GOOD OF THE ORDER: Rick shared some of the new changes in the
1901, like the "black box" recorder, and seat belt
monitor, etc.

Next Meeting: January,
exact date to be announced. Site Meter