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Meeting Minutes 10/17/06

Oct 17, 2006

OCTOBER 7, 2006

Quirt Lancaster, President
George Eisert, 2nd. Vice President
Danny Grove, One-Year Director
David Hopman, Two-Year Director
Rick Fletcher, Executive Director
Kerry Bohanan, Life Member
Neil Senger, Life Member
Jeff Dolgin, Member
Jeff Griffin, Griffin-Tabor, Inc.
Teri Van Wagner, Griffin Tabor Inc.

Website Discussion:   Following a lengthy discussion
regarding the current OFAEMA website, the group concurred
that the site requires usable tools and information that is
easy to use by the members, as well as timely
announcements. Rick will be investigating options from
other vendors that are affordable, easy to update and have
electronic school registration capability.

Jeff Griffin discussed the current developments with the
pending change in ownership of Griffin-Tabor, Inc. and the
impending change in the business model. He advised that
the workload of the Salem staff will not be able to
continue its support levels to OFAEMA and that he would
keep the Board advised of the process of business decisions
affecting Griffin-Tabor, Inc. Kerry Bohanan and Neil
Senger both agreed to assist with putting materials
together for the 2007 school.

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am
by President Quirt Lancaster.

MINUTES: Moved by Danny Grove, seconded by Rick Fletcher,
to approve the minutes of the June8, 2006 meeting. Motion
carried unanimously.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Quirt Lancaster received correspondence
from the Oregon Fire Instructors’ Association asking to
exchange exhibitor booth spaces at each other’s
conferences. The Board agreed that this was a positive
idea and will move forward with the process.


The financial report was reviewed and approved by a
consensus of the Board. It was suggested that efforts be
made to identify work that can be done to reduce annual
expenses by grouping associations together.


Rick Fletcher advised that DPSST is interested in hosting
the OFAEMA annual school and he will be looking there as an
alternative. He advised that Chemeketa Community College
will take over the Marion County Fire District No. 1
Training Facility in Brooks, effective November 6, 2006,
and will honor all existing contracts. He will be learning
more from Marion County Fire District No. 1 about the
catering issues with the facility under Chemeketa’s
direction. Rick advised that OFAEMA has two years left on
the MCFD No. 1 contract and that more discussion about the
future relationship will follow.

Arrangements are confirmed for school lodging at the
Phoenix Inn at Market Street in Salem. The cost is $72 per
night, with the complimentary banquet room.

Annual Training School: Rick advised that there are no
classes confirmed yet, but the following list represents
contacts he has made for 2007:

Form Pro – Odin Foam
Akron Brass and Nozzles
F-2/F-3 Class with Terry Eckhart
New Engine Changes for 2007 – Discussion with International
and Brattain
Hydraulic Systems – F-8 EVT Class – 3-day class. George
Loner from Fluid Power has quoted $750/day, including
manuals. Lecture and practice needed.
Husky 10 Class – Design and Operations – Hughes sponsored
Drive Lines – U Joint Angles
Fleet Guard Filters – Cooling system class for 2–2 ½ hours,
plus filter tech at no cost.
Physics of Aerials (Northern California Fire Mechanics) –
36 hours for $2,865. OFAEMA could proctor the class, offer
its certificate test and possibly bring up some
Californians. Rick will seek feedback on this class.
Ambulance Pre-Inspection – Oregon Health Division
Low Amp Probe Use - 8 hour class – Both CarQuest and Napa
have training institutes
Kusmaul – Offered to exhibit and teach
Pump Testing – Steve Towers – 1-day plus vendor show
Spec Writing – Steve Johns
Navistar Multiplexing – 8 hours (DT 466) Bruce Amacker
Welding Class – Chemeketa and auto Additions – 1 day with
10 students
   H & W has offered to do a class and is interested in
sponsoring a scholarship.
   Ambulance classes are needed – Stefans/JTS Enterprises

Other School Activities:

The vendor show and banquet will be on Thursday, March 8,
2007. The Board agreed that Tina, who has provided
catering in the past, is a great asset and provides
excellent food during the school.

The Board needs to determine who will be honored at the
banquet and select a banquet speaker. It was suggested
that attendee veterans who have returned from the Gulf War
be honored this year.

Work is progressing on the art for the 2007 coffee mug.

Other Discussion:

It was announced that former Board Member Michael O’Rourke
is in Arizona working for NAPA.

The 2007 membership stickers will be black with yellow.

Old Business:

There followed a discussion regarding the expected duties
of Griffin-Tabor staff, which included:
   Maintenance of a central phone line
   Email forwarding
   Central point of contact for mail

Kerry Bohanan and Neil Senger agreed to assemble the school
notebooks this year.

The school committee will need to put the program together
and distribute by mail, email and web posting.


The next meeting will be held on Saturday, December 9, 2007
at 12:00 Noon at the North Station of Bend Fire Department.

With no additional business to come before the Board, the
meeting was adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Teri Van Wagner
Griffin-Tabor Staff Site Meter